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Being the sanitation prefect is a coveted but very demanding office. To ensure the cleanliness of the entire compound is no for the week-need. But for success will never lower its standards to accommodate us. We as Nambale community have to raise our standard to achieve it. Let us maintain high standards of personal and communal cleanliness to keep healthy and forget not to nourish your spirit too, as cleanliness is next to Godliness.











Scouting society is one of the best societies in the institution. With a total of 106 determined scouts who are ready to defend and build the name of the school during any competition. Being led by 21 potential leaders who are well versed with the scouting matters, the society has been recording outstanding performances during the annual competitions. Last year we managed to hit the regionals and I scooped the 13th position out of the 84 schools that took part in the competitions under the Mwamba section.
Due to our capability in scouting, we happened to be the hosts. Our target this year is to break the record by making it to the nationals with the best performance. This is evident through the support of the school administration, our scout leader Mr. Simplicious Ephleess Wasendusa (the county commissioner) and the patron Mr. Ouna Thomas.
We would like to pass our school administration for all the good things they have done for us. One of them being allocating for us a portion of land within the school for establishment of our campsite.
The Nambale school troop - SUNFOLD patrol wishes to invite the other schools who are yet to join the Kenya scouts Association (K.S.A) to join earlier so that we can enjoy scouting together.

By: The troop Leader- Otieno Moses.404R


Nambale Secondary School is a government Boys boarding school located in Siekunya
Nambale T/Ship Location, Nambale Division,

Nambale Constituency in Busia County,
P.O. Box 68, Nambale, Kenya
Tel: +254 (0336) 63212 / 0725709602

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School Code: E8020138

Motto: Toil for the future

Vision: To become an Exemplary Institution preferred for the Quality and Holistic Education for Boys in Kenya.

Mission: To provide a conducive environment and to offer Quality Excellent and Holistic Education that motivates students to discover their Talent and Strive to achieve their dreams and enable them fit well in Society and contribute to National Development.

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