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Nambale Boys High School, proud to be a Nambalerian. +254(0)722278667 to book a space for your child call +254(0)722278667... Come Study with us!






1. Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Barasa Magina - Chairman & Bishop ACK Nambale

2. Mr. Sisuma Solomon (Principal) - Secretary

3. Prof. Michael O. Okwara - Vice Chairman

4. Mr. Timothy O. Otindo - Member

5. Mrs. Roseline Orodi - Member

6. Mr. Festus Misango Mbaye - Member

7. Canon Francis D. Nakholi - Member

8. Mr. Fanwel Makwata - Member

9. Mr. Osebe Dennis - Member

10. Mr. Nick Mulaku - Member

11. Mr. Fred Odilo - Member

12. Mrs. Wandera Jane - Member

13. Mrs. Hellen Mukanda - Member

14. Mrs. Amollo Margaret - Teacher Representative

15. Aaron Rachilo - Student Representative



1. Mr. Sisuma Solomon (Principal)

2. Mr. Aliwa Arthur (Deputy Principal Administration)

3. Mr. Osome Fred (Deputy Principal Academics)

4. Mr. Sakwa Emmanuel (Director of Studies)

5. Mr. Kizito K. Radoli (H.O.D English)

6. Mr. Raphael Wanzala Ekesa (H.O.D Kiswahili)

7. Mrs. Munyasi Violet (H.O.D Science)

8. Mr. Osembo Wesonga D (H.O.D Maths)

9. Mr. Wycliffe Kwerula (H.O.D Technical)

10. Mr. Otipi Edmund (H.O.D Games)

11. Mr. Antony Okhala (H.O.D Boarding)

12. Ms. Eunice C. M. Atieno (Guidance & Counselling)

13. Mr. Lukera Kizito (H.O.D Clubs & Societies)

14. Mr. Nehuba A. Odunga J (H.O.D Humanities)

15. Mr. Masinde S. Wekhanya (H.O.D Careers)

16. Mr. Margaret Amolo (QUASO)

Mr. Simplicius E. Wasendwa - Patron Scouts

Mr. Opili John (History / CRE) = Assistant D.O.S

Mr. Oundo Edwin (Maths / Chemistry) = H.O.S Chemistry

Mr. Stephen W. Oundo (English / Literature) = H.O.S English

Mr. Thomas Ouna (Biology / Agric) = Asst. Boarding Master

Mrs. Roselyn Omusanga (Kiswahili / CRE) = H.O.S CRE




Mr. Wekesa Fred (Biology / Chemistry) = Class Teacher

Winnie Akoth Omollo (Business Studies/Geog)=H.O.S B/St

Mr. Makokha Terry (Biology / Chemistry) = H.O.S Biology

Mr. Adeya Chrisantus (Maths / Physics)

Mr. Wanga Henry (Biology / Chemistry)

Mrs. Diana Masafu (CRE / History)

Mr. Olumbe Douglas (English / Literature / Music)

Mr. Moses Kuta (Maths / Chemistry)

Mr. Nambikhwa W. Tobias (English / Literature)

Ms. Makokha Priscah (Biology / Chemistry)

Mr. Chitechi Leonard (Maths / Business Studies)

Mr. Wasike Tom (History / CRE)

Mr. Kasiba Godfrey (Kiswahili / History)

Ms. Lavina D. Sitawa (C.R.E. / History)

Mr. Ukapel Eliud Shadrack (Kiswahili / History)

Mr. Ikamario Gabriel (Physics / Chemistry)

Mr. Abila Peter Dickens (English / Literature)

Mr. Moses Juma (Business Studies / Maths)

Mr. Mathew Okumu (Computer Studies)

Mr. Otieno Raymond (English / Literature)

Ms. Dorcas Sifuna (Kiswahili / Geography)


P.T.A EXECUTIVE (2015-2016)

1. Mr. Festus Misango Mbaye - Chairman

2. Mr. Sisuma Solomon (Principal) - Secretary

3. Mr. Michael J. O. Owuor - Class Representative 4G

4. Mr. Leonard Wesonga Ogara - Class Representative 4W

5. Mr. Lawrence Amenya - Class Representative 4Y

6. Mrs. Pamela Okisai - Class Representative 4R

7. Mrs. Peninah Akide - Class Representative 3G

8. Mr. Alfred Juma - Class Representative 3W

9. Mr. Festus Misango Mbaye - Class Representative 3B

10. Richard S. Marube - Class Representative 3Y

11. Ms. Jane Roseline Onodi - Class Representative 3R

12. Ms Nancy Adala - Class Representative 2G

13. Mr. John Opondo - Class Representative 2W

14. Mr. Alfred G. Etyang - Class Representative 2B

15. Mr. Ikedi Martin - Class Representative 2Y

16. Mrs Effie Adhiambo - Class Representative 2R

17. Mr. Masinde S. Wekhanya - Teacher Representative

Nambale Secondary School is a government Boys boarding school located in Siekunya
Nambale T/Ship Location, Nambale Division,

Nambale Constituency in Busia County,
P.O. Box 68, Nambale, Kenya
Tel: +254 (0336) 63212 / 0725709602

New Email:

School Code: E8020138

Motto: Toil for the future

Vision: To become an Exemplary Institution preferred for the Quality and Holistic Education for Boys in Kenya.

Mission: To provide a conducive environment and to offer Quality Excellent and Holistic Education that motivates students to discover their Talent and Strive to achieve their dreams and enable them fit well in Society and contribute to National Development.

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