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Parents are allowed to visit their children on SPECIFIED DAYS AS DETAILED IN THE NEWSLETTERS between 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Parents will be expected to restrict themselves to the prescribed dates unless there is an emergency or consultations with teachers. Any cooked items brought on those days must all be eaten and any remainders carried back home.

Generally, the School community expects that all persons associated with the School will do their uttermost to make life manageable in the School. It is expected that every student will use common sense at all time, behave well and treat each other well in order to grow as friendly members of the Natcharian fraternity.

We look forward to welcoming you to the great family of Nambale School (Natcharians)



1. A student in Nambale School will respect God, respect all other members of the community and respect himself. As a School established on Christian faith and belief, all students will attend School assemblies, parade and prayer meetings. 

2. As an education institution, every student who joins Nambale School will work to the uttermost to achieve top grades in the subjects that he takes. As much as possible, the KCPE mark should be maintained or improved during the course of the Secondary education. A student who deliberately declines in performance may be required to seek admission in alternative institution. 

3. Students will maintain cleanliness at all times. Personal hygiene must be maintained by every student. Every student has a responsibility to work and maintain the prescribed areas. Environmental conservation is a requirement by all. 

4. All students remain in the School throughout except when permitted to go out during official functions. In very exceptional cases, a student who must go home during the term will be issued with a leave pass, which must be countersigned by the parent and surrendered to the Housemaster on return. 

5. Every student will maintain, conserve and account for furniture and all the equipment given to them by the School. 

6. Every student must pay all the fees at the prescribed time in order to avoid wastage of learning time. 

7. Students will wear the prescribed school uniforms at all times during the term. Home clothes, mobile phones, laptops, radios or electronic gadgets are not allowed into the School. Such unauthorised items will be confiscated and not returned to the defaulter and may lead to automatic exclusion from the school. 

8. Smoking, tattooing, ear piercing, drinking alcohol or being involved in drug abuse will lead to immediate and automatic expulsion from School. Being involved in acts of lawlessness or rudeness to authority will lead to immediate and/or automatic expulsion. Satanism, Homosexuality, rape and any other infamous conduct may also lead to automatic exclusion. 

9. Bullying or 'monolising' will draw severe punishment for the bullies leading to exclusion from the School. Fighting may also lead to exclusion from school. 

10. Every student must be loyal to the School and must be ready and willing to contribute positively (by making suggestions through the class representatives or the class teachers or the suggestion box or the housemasters) without fear. This way we shall create a wonderful home - The Nambale School. 

11. Every student will wear the prescribed uniform at all times. The fleece jacket shall not have a hood and it will only be won at night or during weekends.



Nambale Secondary School is a government Boys boarding school located in Siekunya
Nambale T/Ship Location, Nambale Division,

Nambale Constituency in Busia County,
P.O. Box 68, Nambale, Kenya
Tel: +254 (0336) 63212 / 0725709602

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School Code: E8020138

Motto: Toil for the future

Vision: To become an Exemplary Institution preferred for the Quality and Holistic Education for Boys in Kenya.

Mission: To provide a conducive environment and to offer Quality Excellent and Holistic Education that motivates students to discover their Talent and Strive to achieve their dreams and enable them fit well in Society and contribute to National Development.

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