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In Nambale boys besides academics the choir/music club has made the school proud out of our exemplary performance.

The music club members have moreover evolved in their talents into performing in both international and modern classes.

In the year 2014 we were awarded at the regional level and took 8 items to the National where we nabaged ti sciio oiksutuib ibe ub ibe if tge utens.

We appreciate and thank the following for their efforts:
Mr. Lukera - Club Patron
Magero Chris- Club Chairman
Allan Jared - Treasurer
Asiligwa Richmond-Club secretary
Jemo Vincent - Organiser

Our great thanks goes to the Administration for its support that it is providing. Finally we thank the Creator of Life.
By: Magero Chris



3 Yellow is like Kigoma, Maraper tunao, Machoper tunao, Comedians tunao, and all in all we are more prestigious in the school because hatuna madanda.

We are proud of being academically vampires and always excellent, time conscious and well organized.

A surprise to the school at large is that the DO'S computer is tired of recording a forst of A plains and several B+ from 3 Yellow. Our main focus is make sure we adhere to our class motto: "discipline plus determination leads to success".

Mingling and associating with girls is our Sarit. Big up to 3N Kisoko Girls for we captured your phsycology. We are proud of you being our sister class and to an extension of being our girl friends. Thanks to our Class Prefect (NDIWA ELKANNAH) for support.
By: Cyprian M. Otsieno
William and Isaac.


Nambale Secondary School is a government Boys boarding school located in Siekunya
Nambale T/Ship Location, Nambale Division,

Nambale Constituency in Busia County,
P.O. Box 68, Nambale, Kenya
Tel: +254 (0336) 63212 / 0725709602

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School Code: E8020138

Motto: Toil for the future

Vision: To become an Exemplary Institution preferred for the Quality and Holistic Education for Boys in Kenya.

Mission: To provide a conducive environment and to offer Quality Excellent and Holistic Education that motivates students to discover their Talent and Strive to achieve their dreams and enable them fit well in Society and contribute to National Development.

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